Hoi Tin Tong 海天堂 - Rebranding

Year : 2008 Winter - Higher Diploma - Product Innovation and Technology (PIT)
Class : SD3402 New Product Management & Marketing
Tutor : Steve Yeung, Maurice Kwok, Brian Lee
Groupmate : Cable Leung Po Man, Jacky Leung Chi Fung, Alice Chung Sin Yu, Kids Law Wing Yin
Major workload : Graphic Design, Logo design, Packaging Design

Description : 
Hoi Tin Tong mainly sells herbal jelly as Chinese traditional medicine. Also, it developed other series like Herbal drink Series and Chinese Herbal Gummy Series. All products it sells benefits to consumer’s health. The reason that we picked Hoi Tin Tong is that we found that major of its consumer are elder people. But actually, people nowadays are willing to spend money on healthy products, Hoi Tin Tong has its potential to attract different level of consumer like younger person or children. Therefore we want to help Hoi Tin Tong to develop a new image.


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